Our firm specializes in effectively developing, selling and leasing commercial real estate assets. Navigating the process can be overwhelming and our firm has 23 years of experience to help land owners, sellers, buyers and tenants understand best practices with commercial real estate. With over $300,000,000 in sales volume, our process is tailored to each individual property because no two properties are the same. We will tailor a solution that accomplishes your goals in developing, buying, leasing or selling the asset.  If you want to work with a seasoned team of commercial real estate professionals then look no further!


If you want to open a new office, move your current office or stay and renegotiate your current lease, Velocity has the experience to deliver all options available on the market for your needs. Identifying the best location, size, budget and overall brand awareness is vital to long-term success of your business. We are a Full Service Brokerage Firm that handles site location, letter of intent negotiations, lease negotiations and final move coordination. Our process outlines how long it will take from start to finish and timing is always on the top of the list in Real Estate.


There are three types of real estate investors. High Risk/High Return or Moderate Risk/Moderate Return or Low Risk/Low Return. Our firm has experience will all levels of investments from ground up development to stabilized commercial buildings to Triple Net Corporate Investments. Let us meet and discuss what type of investments you are comfortable with owning.  If you want an investment property that delivers a steady return of cash flow then we can develop a strategy to meet your income goals!


Whether you’re looking at a Build-To-Suit for your company or looking to develop investment properties, Velocity can walk your through the entire process. Land Development is very tricky and we have the experience to identify problems before they happen. One major key to land development is understanding all the players involved and how they work together throughout the process. We have a process that works with lenders, architects, engineers, city, county, zoning, utilities, transportation and environmental services. If you want professional advice on how to properly and timely construct a building or interior, let us be the expertise you need for future developments.